Nursing research: Search using CINAHL/MeSH subject headings
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CINAHL and MeSH subject headings can help you find relevant resources. Watch the video below from EBSCO to see how you can search using these subject headings, or read our instructions below.

To search using Subject Headings:

  1. Open CINAHL Complete from the list of Library Digital Resource Collections, and click Advanced Search.
  2. Check the Suggest Subject Terms box, enter your term in the search box, and click Search. This will display a list of appropriate CINAHL headings. Your search term also appears at the bottom of the list with the option to search it as a keyword.

    Tip: You can also click on CINAHL Subject Headings in the top toolbar to view the Headings screen.

  3. Click on the icon in the Scope column to see details of the scope of a subject term.
  4. Use the following features to add subject terms to your search as needed:
    • Subheadings: Check the box to the left of the subject heading to see a list of subheadings to add to your search in order to narrow your results.
    • Tree View: Click on a subject heading in the list to view open the hierarchical arrangement of subject headings.
    • Explode: Check this box to search for the subject heading as well as any more specific subject terms related to this term.
    • Major Concept: Check this box to the right of the subject term to view only articles in which this subject heading is a major focus.
    • Browse Additional Terms: Click this button to search for more subject terms to add to your search. Any subject terms that you have already added will remain in your search strategy.
  5. If you have added multiple search terms, choose to combine them with either AND or OR.
  6. Click Search Database. Your search results will be displayed.
  7. Click Search History to view your search terms. You can edit your search from here, and you can save this search.

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