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The Ottawa Campus Library offers bookable meeting rooms for group study. These rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Dare District (C Building).

To book a room, click here. Select a date and time, and submit the booking form. Availability is released 24 hours in advance. Once you have booked a meeting room, you will be sent a confirmation email. Within 15 minutes of making the booking, you must open this email and confirm your booking. If you do not confirm, your booking will be cancelled and the slot will become available for others.

How to Connect to the Meeting Room TVs:

Step 1: Touch Panels

  • Walk in front of panel or tap to wake-up screen.
  • Press Start (this can take approx. 40 secs for start-up).
  • Select source (Wireless, VGA, HDMI).
  • Other touch panel features: Volume (allows you to adjust TV volume), Display (turns the TV display on/off).
  • When finished in the meeting room – use the panel to turn the system off. You will see a confirmation page.

Step 2: Televisions

  • Enter the IP address displayed on the TV into your laptop web browser.
  • When the page loads click on "Install Pro Software” link located under the big WINDOWS and MAC buttons. 
  • ShareLink – It cannot automatically find the receiver. You will have to enter the IP address and click connect. Enter the Pass Code (found on the lower area of the TV screen) and connect.
  • Click the collapse button (or let the screen minimize on its own) and then click the Play button to connect to the TV. You can also select the + to connect multiple people or adjust other settings from this screen. *If you want to extend your monitor instead of duplicating it – click Advanced Settings and select Preferences.
  • Your screen will now be connected/displayed on the TV.
  • When finished – click “Stop” and then disconnect from the device.
  • To disconnect, enlarge the ShareLink Window and click the down arrow.

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