Borrowing from other libraries: How to borrow directly or request an interlibrary loan
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Yes. Students, staff, and faculty at Algonquin College can borrow from other libraries in two ways:

Note: loaning library policies may vary from that of Algonquin College’s, please make yourself aware of these differences (especially those concerning fees and fines, as these apply) by visiting the website of the loaning library.


Students staff and faculty can borrow books from another library through something called an Interlibrary loan (ILL). Interlibrary loans allow you to request an item that we do not have at Algonquin College, and have the item brought to your campus library for you to borrow.

Learn more about Interlibrary loans and how to request them.

Tip: you can also request a loan from other AC campus libraries to have items brought to your campus location. This is known as an Intercampus loan.

Direct Borrowing

The following libraries have agreements with Algonquin College that allow you to search their catalogue online and borrow directly from that library.

Sm@rtlibrary Partners

Sm@rtLibrary is a partnership of National Capital Region libraries that provides residents of the National Capital Region with access to information available through our libraries. It includes all kinds of libraries – public, academic, and specialized, providing a vast array of information for National Capital residents. Regulations regarding the consultation and loan of library materials vary by member library.

You need a Sm@rtLibrary card to borrow from the lending libraries. Obtain a Sm@rtLibrary card from your campus Library Front Desk to borrow or access items directly from the participating libraries. You must have a current Algonquin Library account in good standing. This card must be shown with your AC card to the relevant library’s desk when borrowing for the first time.

Any items borrowed must be returned to the participating library. Different policies apply to each library. For more information about Sm@rtLibrary, including a list of partner libraries, visit the SmartLibrary website.

Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI)

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) Library contains a collection on conservation and museology. Students in the Museum Studies program are able to visit the CCI Library by appointment and borrow items. Before going to the CCI Library, students need to register in person at the Ottawa Campus Library.

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